Dining Room Transformation (ceiling, fireplace, and even a faux door kick plate!)

Dining Room Transformation (ceiling, fireplace, and even a faux door kick plate!)

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Product Name With Model #: Large Snowflake Faux Tin Ceiling Tile #206
Posted By: Julie Bolling
Color: White Pearl
Project Type: 10' Drywall
Select Your Room Type: -Living-and-Dining
Did you hire a professional for this project?: No
Tips: Tile avoids dust! My old dry wall ceiling had water damage and needed repairs before this project began. The dust from the repairs was terrible and would have been even worse, but my carpenter suggested tiling the ceiling instead of doing more sanding and repainting. I'm so glad he did, because it saved my sinuses and gave me a beautiful room that far exceeded my expectations. Being self-employed, he does not regard himself as a professional, but he thinks outside the box and has the skills to compete with any pro in my opinion. He did recruit a friend to assist him with installation of ceiling tiles and crown molding. Having at least two people working together made this job easier and faster. This project used 14-15 tubes of adhesive. Pre-cut inside/outside molding corners are highly recommended for a more precise fit around angles. It should be mentioned that the inside corner blocks #MIC04x04 are larger and heavier than you'd expect. It was necessary to use more adhesive for these blocks than for lighter crown molding pieces and a couple of nails to hold the blocks in place overnight while the adhesive dried completely. Ceiling tile installation began by centering the chandelier in the first tile, instead of starting in a corner as shown in some video demos. Lastly, my carpenter found it better to install crown molding first, then install ceiling tiles, as opposed to doing the opposite as described in some videos, due to the high relief in these particular tiles. By butting tiles up against the molding, instead of overlapping molding onto tiles, it reduced the amount of gaps to fill with caulk between them. So that approach saved time and money.
Describe Your Project: I am so pleased with the results of this project! This dining room is in my home, which is over 100 years old. Room is 17' x 14' with a 10' ceiling. The original plaster ceiling had been covered with dry wall at some point, painted with traditional flat white ceiling paint, and had no crown molding. I wanted my boring ceiling to have a more reflective, iridescent look. Thank goodness the Snowflake tile was available in white pearl. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted! My dining room is now transformed and looks like a totally different space. Large Snowflake faux tin (glue-up) ceiling tiles #206 are gorgeous. The white pearl color reflects light which further enhances the pattern in this tile. Crown molding #KL80 was chosen because it is a good match for the 100-year-old woodwork, all now painted high gloss white. Pre-cut inside and outside molding corners #KL80 were used for the fireplace chimney. Crown molding inside corner blocks #MIC04x04, placed in each corner of the room, go well with the Snowflake tile details and add more interest as you look around the room. My non-working fireplace was updated using one antique silver Alhambra faux tin 24"x24" tile #217 for the firebox back wall, surrounded by antique silver Hammered Filler tiles #F7, which reflect the flicker of "flames" from the electric heater fireplace insert. (Obviously, faux tin tiles could not be used if this was a working fireplace!) A last-minute idea was to create a faux kick plate for the bottom of the door using pieces cut from an extra Snowflake ceiling tile.
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Yes, I would recommend this. In fact, I already have. It's a good feeling to live or work in an environment where aesthetics are valued.
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: My order arrived in a timely manner. Well packaged with no damages. I appreciated the coupons and store credit available for posting reviews with pics. The monthly contest is an incentive to complete a project you want to show off to others and have a chance to see what other people are doing.
Author : Milan Jara



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