*WOW* 19′ Entry Wall

Flames 2ft. x 2ft. Seamless Glue-up 3D Wall Panels

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Product Name With Model #: Flames 2ft. x 2ft. Seamless Glue-up 3D Wall Panels FM-SWP-PW
Posted By: Jen Clark
Color: White
Project Type: -Wall
Select Your Room Type: -Entrance-Foyer
Did you hire a professional for this project?: No
Tips: - Buy, rent or borrow a paint sprayer! 19' H x 10' W wall took less than one hour. - Polyurethane finish coat. - Don't try to sand / seal / putty the seams - the different texture is visible when painted. - Take your time and make your seams / edges tight the first time. - The Instant Grab adhesive sold/recommended by Decorative Ceiling Tiles works PERFECTLY! Panels stay put on the wall while giving you plenty of time to align.
Describe Your Project: What a fun project this was! We chose the Flame panels for the 2-story entry/foyer in our contemporary new build because we wanted that WOW factor! It took three unskilled ladies less than 6 hours to complete this project, not including paint. One to measure and cut, one to glue and pass-up the ladder and one (we call her "Spider Monkey") to make dozes of trips up and down the ladder adhering the panels to this 19' wall. Note: We could have easily completed this with one or two people but where's the fun in that? After much deliberation, and a Facebook vote, we chose Behr Divine Wine PPU1-2. The panels covered easily with just one coat from my Wagner paint sprayer then we finished with a coat of Minwax Polyurethane for extra protection. We used brickmold to frame the wall and will be adding a large accent mirror and hallway table soon. Everyone who enters gives this wall a WOW!!!
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Absolutely! Even a novice DIY'er can create an AMZING wall or ceiling with these products!
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: Seamless from beginning to end!
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