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Line Art Glue-up Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20 in x 20 in - #R 24

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Product Name With Model #: Line Art Glue-up Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20 in x 20 in - #R 24
Posted By: Anette Buchholz
Color: Plain White
Project Type: -Ceiling
Select Your Room Type: -Bathroom
Did you hire a professional for this project?: No
Describe Your Project: In my small bathroom, I wanted to create a unique and somewhat retro look. I used a more subtle Line Art glue-up ceiling tile to cover the old ceiling (house was built in 1932) and for a really stand-out border, I used the Spanish Sliver patterned tile. I painted both tiles white and It came out wonderfully and everyone gives compliments! thank you for your unique and great selection of products!
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Yes, I highly recommend using Decorative Ceiling Tiles company!
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: I have used Decorative Ceiling Tiles before and again now for this project and couldn't be happier with the customer service and the product! The prices are good and so is the quality of product. The ease of installation made it a great DIY project.
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