Small Bedroom Looks Bigger with Ceiling Tiles

La Scala - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24 in x 24 in - #223

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Product Name With Model #: La Scala - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24 in x 24 in - #223
Posted By: Lisa Neitzel
Color: Gold & Skyblue & Red
Project Type: -Ceiling
Select Your Room Type: -Bedroom
Did you hire a professional for this project?: No
Tips: The ceiling tiles were so easy to put in. Just plan it out, measure and install. We suggest lighting to highlight the tiles--we put in upward facing lighting and lamps that really show off the tiles.
Describe Your Project: This room was a originally a storage room but we needed a second guest bedroom for when friends and family visit. We were able to put a storage closet in and also we are able to store some larger (but light) things in the rafters above the tiles. We were worried the bedroom would look small but when we put the ceiling tiles in, the room looked so much larger! We have had so many compliments on the tiles--we love them and are very happy and proud of how the room turned out, all due to the beautiful tiles. We put in some lighting to highlight the ceiling tiles and when we put them in the room actually glows. It's so beautiful. So now we have a gorgeous room for guests and still have our storage--a win/win project!
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Yes, I would definitely recommend this project as it helped us with two needs: 1) storage with our built-in storage closet and also 2) we have a beautiful guest room for our family and friends!
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: The selection was amazing. We found EXACTLY what we wanted as far as design and color. We received our order quickly and the tiles were in perfect condition on delivery. There was information on the website and a way to contact the company if we had questions (which we didn't since the tiles were so easy to install.) We would recommend, and have recommended, Decorative Ceiling tiles to any everyone!
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