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Milan - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24 in x 24 in - #DCT 10

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Product Name With Model #: Milan - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24 in x 24 in - #DCT 10
Posted By: Rhonda Pinello
Color: Turquoise Gold
Project Type: -Ceiling
Select Your Room Type: -Beauty-Salon
Company Name: Rhonda Pinello
Did you hire a professional for this project?: Yes
Tips: I did not buy that adhesive from this company. I should have. I ended up getting something similar at home depot and it did not work. It was supposed to be instant grab. It wasn't. We ended up using contacts cement to adhere these. After many trials and tribulations it worked. Advice from me to you buy their adhesive.
Describe Your Project: After Covid my clients didn't want to be in my chair with other stylists and clients around to get exposed to the virus. My appointments were dwindling. I decided to create my own space. They rave about the ceiling. It is a definite conversation piece and added such a touch of class.
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Yes they are more beautiful in person. Photos do not do them justice.
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: Excellent. The calculator on the site worked great. It left me 2 tiles to spare in case mistakes were made. Very smooth ordering and payment. I did air the tiles out for a day. Pvc chemical was very strong right out of the box. Don't even notice it now.
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