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Gothic Reims - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24 in x 24 in - #150

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Product Name With Model #: Gothic Reims - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 24 in x 24 in - #150
Posted By: Renee Tucker
Color: Stained Metal
Project Type: -Backsplash
Select Your Room Type: -Kitchen
Did you hire a professional for this project?: No
Tips: Get more glue than you think you’ll need. Lay out your project before gluing it down. Cut very carefully.
Describe Your Project: I remodeled my kitchen including painting cabinets, new epoxy countertop, new sink and faucet, and to top it all off, new backsplash.
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Yes, it’s beautiful
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: Wow! Amazing service from start to finish. My order shipped and arrived very quickly, much faster than expected. The product is just beautiful. Sturdy and thick panels that are beautifully colored, unique and individual. It all far exceeds expectations and I truly got my money’s worth!
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