Bye Bye Popcorn!

BBijou and Bee Bee Glue-up Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20 in x 20 in - #R126

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Product Name With Model #: Bijou and Bee Bee Glue-up Styrofoam Ceiling Tile 20 in x 20 in - #R126
Posted By: Marilyn Pollock
Color: Plain White
Project Type: -Ceiling
Select Your Room Type: -Entrance-Foyer
Did you hire a professional for this project?: No
Tips: I found that the easiest way to do the edges (because I hate to have to measure) is to take thick paper and make a pattern using a whole tile by drawing around it. I put some tape in rolls across one edge to hold the paper on the ceiling when I put it butting up to the tile next to the edge. Press the hanging part of the paper tile into the ceiling edge, I use a screwdriver to enhance the mark. Remove the tape (important), cut the pattern, transfer it to a whole tile, mark it with a pencil, cut it with a sharp blade and you have a perfect fit. So easy!
Describe Your Project: We wanted to cover a previous owner's application of a popcorn ceiling (and add a pop to the 5th wall) in our parlor of our 1904 Queen Anne Victorian home. We got the basic white and I painted the tiles with a custom aqua paint and accented the raised parts with a gold metallic paint. I wanted a worn look and not new so I didn't try and cover all of the raised parts, just enough to accent the tiles. It made a huge difference!
Would You Recommend This Project To A Friend And Why?: Absolutely! Price, service and quick shipment!
How Was Your Experience With Our Company And Why?: Great experience, easy to order online and easy to get someone on the phone when having questions!
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